Go Ahead – Pre-Board

No Facilities

I always like it when my plane appears at the gate

If I wasn’t running a family-friendly kind of blog, I could do this as a one-liner Wednesday, but the one line I overheard isn’t anything I want to post here.

Last Tuesday, I was in line to board a flight from Atlanta to Hartford. I had purchased an Economy Comfort seat, which is least expensive seat that I fit in without my knees hurting. That allows me to board in the Sky Priority group. Like I talked about in an earlier post, that’s the group that boards after the First Class. But First Class isn’t first. Before the people spending big bucks, and before the people who fly so often that they get upgrades, all manner of people pre-board. I’ll circle back to this.

The guy who was two guys in front of me was standing in line…

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