Railfanning North Tonawanda in the early ’70s

The Niagara Branch

Here’s a compilation of Doug Kroll photos from the early ’70s taken in North Tonawanda. Doug lived in North Tonawanda when he was a kid, and he was kind enough to tour me all over town last year so that I could understand the lay of the land. These are a sampling of photos that Doug posted to RailPictures.net which are relevant to my project. What’s missing from this collection is the Lehigh Valley and C&O trains that passed through North Tonawanda.

New York Central and TH&B started an operation that lasted through Penn Central and into the Conrail era. FT-1 was a daily train from Frontier Yard in Buffalo. It made lifts and setouts at Suspension Bridge, Montrose, Welland, and Hamilton, on its way to Toronto. The daily counterpart was TF-2, travelling in the opposite direction. The trains met in Hamilton so that crews could return to their terminal…

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