FL9’s in Storage

I read on the Trains magazine web site that Amtrak is considering running Empire Service trains into Grand Central again this summer as work continues at Penn Station. the article stated that Amtrak is considering bringing FL 9s out of storage and refurbishing them for the purpose.

The six FL9 m’s belonging to Conn. Dot have been stored in New Haven since 2009, when they were replaced by newer locomotives. They are painted in the original NH color scheme and were rebuilt extensively in the 90’s. Conn Dot owns them and I believe they will be leased to Amtrak.

The numbers are Conn Dot 2011 ex NH 2038
2014             2041
2016             2044
2024             2058
2026             2007
2027             2015
Hope this answers your question. A lot more info is available on Railroad.net forum site under Metro-North
It came as a surprise to me that there are any FL9s in storage apart from rail museum samples.

Why the special need for FL9s?  Are the newer Amtrash engines too big for Grand Central’s tunnels or too heavy for the Park Avenue Viaduct?

I can confirm this to be to true I have a amtrak freind who runs shuttles on the springfield line and at the amherst show he told me he heard rumors amtrak was planning on bringing back the fl9s for that same service  . if this to true love them or hate them long live the fl9s 🙂

Since the Shore Line East equipment going to be moved to the new New Haven to Springfield line, I really expected the FL-9 to be used. Is that true or is it going to be scrapped?




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