Cinco de Mayo

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A Jeanne in the Kitchen

Here in the United States, particularly in areas with large Hispanic populations, Cinco de Mayo is a big annual celebration.  It has become a very fun and festive day, celebrating the foods, music and culture of Mexico.  It has also become a big drinking “holiday”, equivalent to St. Patrick’s Day.  On March 17, everyone, no matter what their background, becomes Irish for a day.  The same is true on Cinco de Mayo, where everyone becomes Mexican for a day, on May 5th.  The Cinco de Mayo traditions started in California, in 1863, in response to the resistance to the French rule in Mexico.  Miners up in Columbia (now known a Columbia State Park) started firing guns and setting off fireworks, as well as singing patriotic songs and making speeches upon hearing the news of the victory.  However, celebrating the day really started to come become popular in Los Angeles, CA…

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