The New Ferry Fleet Will Be Delightful, and Is Also a Huge Mistake

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads

NY Magazine

I love the New York waterfront, I love a boat ride, and I especially love riding on the East River Ferry. The scenery, the breeze, the (quite clean, nowadays) seawater scent: It’s just a great way to move around the city. I use the one that runs from East 35th Street regularly, for weekend trips to Brooklyn or downtown, especially in the summer. So please believe me when I tell you, with regrets, that the big expansion of ferry funding that the de Blasio administration announced Thursday is a terrible idea.

The mayor’s plan is to double the contribution from the city, making its stake a bit more than $600 million spread over five years. A small fleet of vessels is on order, and others will be leased. The system now carries 4.6 million people a year, with a projection that it’ll soon reach 9 million annually. It’s…

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