NYC Subway Action Plan funding accelerates work

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads



Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday accelerated improvements now that New York City’s Subway Action Plan is fully funded.

“Now we can get to work,” Cuomo said.

The plan includes rehabilitating cars, signals, tracks and more. News 12 got a peek at some of the work being doing to a station in Brooklyn’s Midwood neighborhood. MTA workers were welding the tracks to eliminate joints in the system that could cause safety problems, uncomfortable rides for commuters and service delays.

VIDEO: Gov. Cuomo tours subway, announces improvements

It could also trigger what’s called a false red signal, which shuts down the train and causes others behind it to stop until the problem is diagnosed.

Cuomo says the work could not be done without the funding that was received only a few weeks ago. With the new funding, nearly 40 miles of track are expected to have welded rails…

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