By the Mighty Mumford

Modeling travail,

Includes that sense of scale…

Real trains are long

Multiple engines strong,

Available space this assails!

Some go earlier in time,

Equipment smaller to resign…

Some factors change

Like a smaller variety range,

Couplers back to pin-and-link and chains!

Freight cars were smaller, too,

Meaning more of them stay in view…

Apparent train length

Seems ;longer on the strength,

Of how the brain sees what is viewed!

Some model more modern times,

Finding a different thought line…

Focusing upon

Who uses rather than,

Salt (an example) from a mine!

We also must backdate,

Not as far back to appreciate…

Certain commodities

Use shorter cars–are heavy–

To long unit trains we don’t relate!

–Jonathan Caswell

Unit trains  are long trains of one car type carrying only one thing being shipped…generally from a big producer (or a group-like grain elevators) to a large receiver—like a…

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3 thoughts on “A SENSE OF SCALE

  1. This is a really good post and I’m so glad you re-blogged Jonathan’s railroad poem. It was very informative and interesting, Penney.
    Hope you are having a great Spring, Penney. 🌷💐


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