By the Mighty Mumford

Dreams come and go,

If room we can make them so…

Engage and build

Our miniature world,

We learn to accept what “will go!”

One spur instead of two,

Food processing looks new…

Building adaptions

With an awkward contraption,

Did they bite off more than they could chew?

A switch-back team track patiently,

Navigated allows a one-car delivery…

“Big man on the block”

Is a contract shop,

Railcars move there constantly!

An old stone mill brings smiles–

The last producing textiles…

A lead-off track

To a scrap yard in back,

Figures in the economy large.

Some much-reduced abrasives traffic,

shows that they are still at it…

Salt and coal

In small amounts roll,

Although the timing is somewhat erratic!

The museum grounds are gone,

But the old turntable lives on…

Depot’s now in back

Near that short team track,

A reminder of a part of…

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