NYPD Horseshoers have ‘greatest responsibility’ of keeping horses happy and healthy

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AM New York

The team of three farriers makes shoes that are fabricated to fit New York’s unique urban environment.

No hoof, no horse.

This simple proverb, highlighted by Deputy Inspector Barry Gelbman, commanding officer of the NYPD Mounted Unit, captures the philosophy that inspires the department’s team of three farriers, including NYPD Horseshoer Marcus A. Martinez Jr.

Sparks fly as Horseshoer Martinez pounds on a red-hot horseshoe to be properly fit on Centennial, a remarkably well-mannered horse standing just a few feet away on a recent Thursday morning. The NYPD Horseshoers are tasked with keeping about 50 police horses healthy, happy and productive.

Martinez points out that there is so much more the farrier provides beyond a well-fitting shoe.

“I removed the old horseshoe from the horse, I assessed growth and balance of the horse while it was walking, and its gait,” he says. “I trimmed the foot accordingly to…

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