3 Reasons You Should Enable the Re-Blog Button on WordPress

Alexis Chateau PR

We spend a lot of time snooping around WordPress, and one of the most disappointing moments is when we find an amazing post we’d love to share, but the re-blog button has been disabled.

To be fair, there are a number of reasons bloggers disable the re-blog button, and it is your right to decide how your content is used and shared. Even so, we find that often the re-blog button is disabled due to a misconception that the button will lead to plagiarism.

What the button actually does is place a preview of your article on someone else’s blog, with a direct link to the original ie your own. In doing so, it actually reduces the likelihood of plagiarism.

So, here are three reasons you really should consider enabling that re-blog button on your WordPress site.

1. Exposure

Like any other social media share button, the re-blog button helps to…

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