Central Indiana Railway


Incorporated 16 March 1903, the Central Indiana Railway Company was operated jointly by the Chicago and Southeastern Railway Company (Big Four) and the Pennsylvania Railroad. The Chicago and Southeastern Railway Company had acquired the trackage from the Midland Railway Company in 1891. The Central Indiana ran from Muncie to Brazil, Indiana, but was never a profitable company. Poor maintenance on the line, the use of old equipment, and the increased use of automobiles were reasons for line’s demise. In September 1928 the Interstate Commerce Commission approved a petition by the railway’s board of directors to abandon the track between Muncie and Anderson, Ladoga and Waveland, and from Sand Creek to Brazil. The Advance-Ladoga section was abandoned in 1929. The last abandonment occurred between Lebanon and Advance in 1943. Ike Duffey, an Anderson, Ind., meat packer purchased the remaining portion of the line (between Anderson and Lebanon) in 1951. Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) took over the line in 1976.


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